Selected Essays in Persian

The following essays were published in Naderpour's books or in scholarly magazines such as Mehregan and Iranshenasi:


  1. Introduction to False Dawn

  2. Ferdowsi's Answer to Historical Necessity, Published in Iranshenasi

  3. A Love as High-Flying as the Simorgh, Published in Iranshenasi -- A short analysis of the myth of Zal and Roudabeh (in Shahnameh)

  4. In Hope of a Third Movement, Published in Mehregan

  5. What Kind of Government for Which Country? Published in Mehregan

  6. From Yesterday, Without Today, Till Tomorrow, Published in Iranshenasi

  7. Different People with Different Mindsets, Published in Mehregan

  8. Debate and Discussion Between Nader Naderpour and Favad Rohani in Mehregan Magazine

  9. Black and White Thoughts, Published in Mehregan

  10. A Great Similarity, Published in Iranshenasi Magazine -- An article on Dr. Ehsan Yarshater


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