Conversation in the dark


By Nader Naderpour, Los Angeles, December 1999.

[Unpublished.  Translated by Farhad Mafie June 2000.]

(His last poem, composed on December 1999 and dedicated to his wife Jaleh)

To:  My Dear Jaleh


In the middle of the night when I am sick and awake

there is no familiar light from any opening

the calm sound of your deep breathing

and the continuous ticking of the clock

harmonize with the rhythm of my heartbeat.

Then I realize that even though my thoughts are lonesome

my heart is no longer lonesome in my chest.


Slowly I bend my head over your bed

I kiss your sleep-filled eyelashes softly

You feel the weight of the kiss on your eye

You smile and I patiently kiss your cheek

Even though your laughter spreads in my ears.

But in the dark waves of the night

your smiling face is not obvious.


I calmly light a match

to light up your face from its illumination

But very soon that red sparking phosphor

falling and rising on my two burning fingers

dies in kinks and twists of dancing.

Once again the space of our small bedroom

is overcome with darkness.

I tell myself except for a short time,

at the moment of seeing your dear face:

my eyes don't have a chance of seeing you.


Just like a child frightened by darkness.

I find my way to your arms.

Terrified by something unknown.

I whisper this secret in your ears:

O!  Kinder than the world's kindest!

O fellow-traveler! O friend! O sweetheart! O mother!

Scream so loudly that even the heavy death of the heart

Won't be able to separate us at the moment of farewell

Because we both know, in the chaos of the world

from the crowded population

from what exists in the endless horizon

our lot is just our solitude

This house smaller than a boat

We its distressed passengers

Moving forward in the wide sea of exile

But in the frightening horizon of this sea

Night is overwhelming,

From every vicious side there is no path to tomorrow.


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